Why might a smaller organisation need HR consultancy?

Although, small businesses / organisations often don’t have the need or funds for a permanent Human Resources person, they may still need the services of Human Resources Consultant. Using a HR consultancy is like having your own HR department on a ‘pay as you go’ basis – you only pay for the services as you need them.

Below are a few examples of how Baslington HR can help your business/organisation learn, grow and succeed through your people.

Business is going really well and you need to recruit more people, but you are not sure how to start. I have helped organisations in similar situations by:

  • Working with the organisation to understand the business and the roles of the current team.
  • Identifying the skills and experience needed for the future. Sometimes organisations need current employees to do different or additional activities. We help communicate this
  • Writing a job description that clearly communicates the activities that you want the new employee to perform.
  • Advertising, to get a range of people to interview
  • Creating Interview questions and performing Interviews with managers
  • Issuing the offer letter and contract of employment to the new employee
  • Developing an induction schedule to the employee, to help them hit the ground running from day one

Your organisation does not have any policies or procedures in place and you are worried, should you have any? I have helped organisations by:

  • Working with them to get an understanding of their business and staff.
  • Identifying which policies and procedures are required and would be helpful
  • Writing policies and procedures for organisations, making them specific where applicable to their organisations
  • Communicating new policies and procedures to employees to ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities

Business is not going so well and you need to make cost savings. You think that you might need to change people’s jobs and maybe even make a couple of people redundant. You know it’s a complicated process and don’t know where to start. I have helped by:

  • Working with you to look at the roles within your team and decide what activities and roles are still needed and how this might impact your employees
  • Rewriting job descriptions to reflect the new ways of working
  • Communicating the changes in a sensitive manner and in line with current employment law, if applicable
  • Supporting during the consultation and redundancy process, ensuring everything is done in a legally compliant way.
  • Attending 1-1’s with affected employees and completing documentation on the organisations behalf.
  • Ensuring, above all, that employees are treated fairly and supported appropriately

You have never managed people before and need some help to manage an employee who is not performing. I have helped managers in similar situations by:

  • Providing 1-1 coaching to understand the problem and help them to identify possible solutions
  • Providing 1-1 coaching to help build general people management skills
  • Supporting managers who you choose to take the employee through a performance management process, or a capability process.
  • Building a performance improvement plan for the employee

You want to improve the working environment and communication within your business, but you are not sure how to go about it. I can help by:

  • Working with you to get your understanding of the current situation and your future vision
  • Surveying your employees to see how they feel about working for you, what they like, what they don’t like and ideas for improvement
  • Developing and introducing improvement ideas
  • Increasing and improving communication to employees, through introduction of 1-1’s, team meetings, newsletters and noticeboards.

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