Change Management & Communication

Change Management, Culture Change and Employee Communication.

Businesses are going through vast amounts of change, be it restructures, introduction of new processes and ways of working or simply a desire to improve and change the Work Life Balance of your key asset – your people. Having the right culture and working environment for employees is important for motivation and business success. We have experience in a range of different scenarios that will help you to shape your organisation’s working environment.

  • Culture audits and Employee surveys – how do your employees feel about working for your organisation? Are there areas for improvement? What are they proud of? What do they think of the management team? Do they feel that they have the skills required to do the job you are asking of them? Is your organisation viewed as a fair and open place to work? Would employees recommend you to others? These are all questions that can help to demonstrate the culture of your organisation. We can help with this and with the creation of action plans to help you with improvement areas and build on your strengths.
  • Development of Change management project plans – we can help you to put together detailed action plans for dealing with any organisational changes, with helpful and practical tools for you and your employees to utilise.
  • Embedding new ways of working – organisations often change IT systems and/or software or put new working practises in place and forget about the impact on people – how they feel or how well equipped they are. Helping to embed the change properly will better prepare for success and reduce problems later down the line. You need staff to adopt the change, not work against it.
  • Change management training – helping people to change is not easy. We can help with tailor made development programs for managers and employees, providing practical tools and techniques for moving along with the change.
  • Communication strategies / plans – we can help you to deliver key messages and bring your staff along with you on the change journey. This kind of support can range from helping you to develop team meetings, a 1-1 and appraisal system, newsletters through to communication plans for key topics such as restructures.