Support for Smaller Organisations

Some organisations are aware that they may need support from a Human Resources expert, but not quite sure in what capacity. To help you answer this, the first thing we will do, is sit down with you to get an overview of your business, your staff and your current ways of working. Our first 1 hour consultation is free. From this meeting, we might have a number of suggestions for you to consider.

Typical areas for consideration are:

Contracts of employment – are you legally compliant and up to date? Do your contracts cover everything you need them to cover – such as confidentiality, data protection, shift call out requirements etc. We can help you to review your current contracts and update them if necessary.

Policies and Procedures – do you have the right documentation in place, to ensure that your employees are aware of their responsibilities. Common policies such as Discipline, Grievance and Sickness policies are better known. Other topic areas such as CCTV surveillance, Data Protection and IT policies are less known, but equally important. We can audit your business and advise you.

Employing new people – this can be a minefield. We hear a lot about people’s Right to Work in the UK, but how do you know they are allowed? How do you ensure that you recruit someone properly and legally? We can help with the whole process, from writing job descriptions with you and advertising, through to writing interview questions and interviewing with you.

Making staff changes – this can cover many areas for a small business. You may need to change working hours, in line with new business demands. You may need to change the activities that people do, as you have taken on a new line of business using a new IT system. You may even need to change out the staff you have, eg you are looking to cut costs and make people redundant. Doing these things in a legally compliant manner is vital. We can take you through this step by step.

Managing employee performance or poor behaviours – having a member of a small team who is not performing can be very damaging to a small business. This is a very common occurrence. The temptation is to leave it and hope it will correct itself, but often the situation never improves. We will work with you to understand the problems and the solutions open to you. We can advise and even take part in any 1-1 meetings with the employee.