Why does a larger organisation need HR Consultancy?

Compliment your own HR team with specialist skills that you might not need on a permanent basis. You might have an established HR team, doing a great job, but on occasion you might need real specialist advice. You can ‘pay as you go’ by using Baslington HR.

Here are some examples of how Baslington HR has helped larger organisations:

A global company was going through an SAP implementation which involved a new IT system, new ways of working, new job roles and new teams. They needed help managing and communicating the change. I helped by:

  • Creating Change Impact Assessments – helping the team to understand the impacts of the changes and the GAP between where they were and where they needed to be
  • Developing action plans to address the impacts of change and close the GAPs
  • Training of staff for the brave new world
  • Creating communication mechanisms (such as newsletters, update reports, team briefings) to help communicate the changes in a clear, impactful way, ensuring that employee joined the change journey

The Operations Manager of a manufacturing site wanted his team of Shift Managers and Operators to work better together. They were constantly ‘locking horns’ and not making progress. I helped by:

  • Working with the Operations Manager to understand exactly what he wanted to achieve and what success would look like for him
  • Running a series of short team development sessions to help the team members understand their different personalities and working styles
  • Developing a Team Working charter, so that everyone was clear on how they would work together in the future
  • Running 1-1 coaching sessions with Shift Managers, focussed on Situational Leadership skills

A manufacturing site, employing 100 people wanted to develop a clear HR strategy with action plans. They wanted to become an employer of choice. The HR person was very busy on day to day activities and did not have the skills to do this. I helped by:

  • Working with the business to identify the vision for the future
  • Writing a HR strategy in line with the business goals
  • Surveying employees within the business to understand the current ‘culture’
  • Developing action plans to turn the strategy and the results of the survey into reality

The Technical Director of a manufacturing site wanted to improve the people management skills of his managers, who were ‘techie, people who had been promoted into people managers’. I helped by:

  • Working with the Technical Director to understand what success looked like for him.
  • Identifying a number of key behaviours and competencies that people managers within the business needed
  • Working with the managers individually to understand their current skills level and the GAP between that and the desired skill level
  • Developing individual development plans and a line manager program in line with the competencies
  • Delivering training to the line managers
  • Offering 1-1 coaching with line managers to support their development

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